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"there are always flowers for those who want to see them"
Henri Matisse

Working from a small studio at her home in the west of Cornwall Peta draws inspiration from the world around her. With an eclectic view on life she enjoys a challenge and has just become qualified to teach in the lifelong learning sector.

Having a love of the arts particularly musical theatre and dance, Peta is learning to Salsa dance and says: "getting my brain and feet co-ordinated is hard but I'm improving all the time." When not being physically and mentally challenged Peta can be found at home with her cats Misty and sixteen-year-old Jess, sewing for Shabby Tabby, entertaining and cooking (especially the cakes and puddings) for her friends and family.

Bee on flower
 shabby Tabby
Pink Campion White Crysanthamum Orange Lily Misty Peta's Cat Flowers Little Yellow Flower